Live Online Roulette UK

Live roulette is is one of the most popular additions to online casinos in the last year with nearly all casinos now offering some kind of live roulette.  The odds and gameplay are exactly like any European roulette table that you’d find in your local casino.

It’s fact that live roulette is totally random and all tables, even outside of the UK, are independently checked and audited regularly. In our opinion the odds on live roulette are far better than any other electronic game because the odds are truly random. Odds on roulette games like you’d find in the local bookies or some online casinos are based on winning vs losing RNG’s rather than actual random roulette odds.

I would always recommend playing with a reputable company. Smaller companies often take longer to process payouts, they offer less bonuses and we’ve heard a few horror stories about winnings not actually being paid at all! I personally play on the biggest 2 which are Sky Vegas & William Hill. Both are fantastic when it comes to quick payouts and I’ve never had a single discrepancy.

Sky are by far the best when it comes to new player bonuses and also player retention bonuses like random cash drops and weekly cash back, plus loads of regular onsite promotions. We’ve teamed up with Sky to bring our readers the best bonus on the market….